Secure BIX™ Payments
BIX Payments is a global payments and settlements platform for fiat, crypto, and virtual currencies. Payment transactions are peer-to-peer, secure, and scalable. Government-level certifications make it the most secure blockchain-based virtual and crypto payments platform.
  • Global Bank Payments and Transactions linked to the ACH and Bankcard networks
  • The only PCI DSS certified Crypto and Virtual Currencies Platform
  • Secure Web Portal Wallet
  • BIX Coins – stable virtual currency pegged to US Dollar, suitable for instant cross-border payments
Features of the BIX Payments System
BIX Payments is payments system using BIX Ledger for security of users, transactions, and data. The system inherits the industry-leading security and scalability features of the BIX Ledger. BIX Payments system is operational in the US for bank-to-bank, bankcards, BIX Coins, and Bitcoins transactions.
Universal Payments
Send and receive payments for Fiat and Virtual/Crypto currencies. Buy/Sell and pay with Bitcoins. Any fiat currency, any time, anywhere – a global blockchain payments infrastructure.
Fast Settlements
P2P transactions enable instant settlements for Virtual and Crypto transactions. Real fiat currency transactions are settled through the ACH and Bankcard networks.
Bankcard Support
Securely store your bank card information and then make payments worldwide and pay any merchant using your bank card with same-day settlement.
Top Notch Security
“Triple-helix” security by the BIX Ledger. PCI DDS Certification. FedRAMP complaint cloud security. BIX Payments is the most secure payment system for Crypto and Virtual currencies.
Bitcoin Wallet
Purchase and sell Bitcoins using auctions and store them in your secure Web Portal Wallet. BIX Payments is distributed secure Bitcoin exchange platform.
Payment Traceability
All Transactions are recorded and validated using BIX Ledger’s permissioned blockchain providing immutable cryptographic record of every transaction.

Customer Use Cases

BIX Payments is a back-end payments infrastructure platform. Institutions license BIX Payments software to lower financial transaction costs, provide instant and secure global payments, or to establish blockchain-based financial services to their users. BIX Payments software integrates with your institution’s existing infrastructure and is compliant with KYC regulations. The platform can be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Banks and Financial Institutions
integrate BIX Payments into their own banking infrastructure and provide virtual and cryptocurrency value add services to your customers. Enable bank customers to buy/sell cryptocurrencies, offer secure crypto wallets, and lower financial transactions and payments costs. BIX Payments system offers the highest level of security and enables full KYC compliance.
International Payments Providers
By leveraging the BIX Payments’ worldwide distributed network you can offer your customers instant payments with settlements in local currency, and rely on the secure, reliable, and immutable records of each payments transaction.
Introduce Your Own Virtual Currency
Companies can lower costs for employee-based transactions by introducing their own currency which is pegged and easily converted to the local real currency. provide your employees with virtual coins which can be used to purchase real goods approved by your company. Employees can buy, sell, and redeem your virtual coins with ease as employee’s virtual currency wallet can be linked to their real bank account.
Crypto Currency Exchanges
and Wallet Providers
Most Crypto currency exchanges are centralized – users establish accounts and wallets on a central server at an exchange and trade crypto currencies. This model is prone to many security vulnerabilities, as evidenced by many successful hacking attacks costing investors hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen crypto tokens. In addition, the centralized architecture of the crypto exchanges also causes scalability issues which are apparent during the periods of heavy trading and crypto currency volatility.

BIX Payments introduces a fully distributed financial services exchange platform. It features true P2P trading/auction system and offers secure wallets. Replace your exchange’s centralized architecture with BIX Payments platform and ensure your customers have a more secure, faster, and reliable access to your crypto exchange’s services.

Reduce Friction and lower Transaction Costs
BIX Payments delivers on the promise of Blockchain in finance – it lowers transaction costs, increases security and reliability by using p2p architecture, it provides transparency and accountability in financial transactions, and it reduces friction and time in processing of transactions. BIX Payments is the only global, security-certified, reliable, and operational blockchain-based financial infrastructure platform.
Test BIX Payments Functions
Create an account and try out the fully-functional demo version of BIX Payments. The transactions are executed in real-time, without delays.