Secure Blockchain and

Payments Infrastructure

Blockchain-based infrastructure solutions for enterprises and financial institutions.

Secure, scalable Blockchain is open for business!

Delivering on the true promise of Blockchain and peer-to-peer transactions
Existing Blockchain solutions fall short in delivering on the promise of Blockchain. The issues of trust, security, and scalability in a true peer-to-peer distributed environment are difficult problems to solve at scale. That’s where we come in! Decades of cutting edge research culminated in our distributed ledger infrastructure platform – BIX Ledger. We deliver on the true promise of Blockchain and peer-to-peer transactions.

Blockchain could dramatically reduce the cost of transaction and, if adopted widely, reshape the economy.

Harvard Business Review 2017


Blockchain’s shared infrastructure offers organizations a way to improve their operational efficiency and cash in on new business opportunities and emerging ecosystems.

Cognizant Technology Blockchain Whitepaper



I am reasonably confident… that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange.

Larry Summers US Former Treasury Secretary


BIX Ledger
Enterprise-ready, secure, scalable, and interoperable distributed Ledger. Unlike other Blockchain implementations, BIX Ledger is a distributed platform without the need for miners, chains, or trusted nodes.

BIX Ledger delivers trust, security, and scalability in a true peer-to-peer environment. The platform is operational and available for cloud deployments.


“Triple-helix” security, the most advanced cryptography, and government-level security certifications.


Interoperable with Bitcoin Blockchain and any other Blockchain platform via APIs.


A true peer-to-peer distributed ledger solution which scales horizontally and vertically.


BIX Ledger is operational on our world-wide cloud infrastructure, and ready for custom deployments.

When Security and Scalability matter
The “triple-helix” security features and the scalability of BIX Ledger make it the best enterprise blockchain on the market today. BIX Ledger was built for financial institutions and businesses that need distributed ledger functionality without compromising on the security of the data and the transactions.
BIX Payments
The only PCI DDS certified, blockchain based global payment platform for virtual, crypto, and real currencies. Fast, efficient, traceable, and secure peer-to-peer financial transactions, with instant transactions settlements.

  • Connected to the ACH Network (USA) and to Bankcard Network
  • Interoperable with Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Uses BIX Ledger security infrastructure

BIX Payments Features

Universal Payments

Send and receive payments for Fiat and Virtual/Crypto currencies. Buy/Sell and pay with Bitcoins. Any fiat currency, any time, anywhere – a global blockchain payments infrastructure.

Fast Settlements

P2P transactions enable instant settlements for Virtual and Crypto transactions. Real fiat currency transactions are settled through the ACH and Bankcard networks.

Bankcard Transactions

Securely store your bank card information and then make payments worldwide and pay any merchant using your bank card with same-day settlement.

Top Notch Security

"Triple-helix" security by the BIX Ledger. PCI DDS Certification. FedRAMP complaint cloud security. BIX Payments is the most secure payment system for Crypto and Virtual currencies.

Bitcoin Web Portal

Purchase and sell Bitcoins using auctions and store them in your secure Web Portal Wallet. BIX Payments is distributed secure Bitcoin exchange platform.

Payment Traceability

All Transactions are recorded and validated using BIX Ledger’s permissioned blockchain providing immutable cryptographic record of every transaction.