About BIX System
We are a US and Swedish startup developing secure distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. Our team of world renowned computer security and blockchain experts is working on the core solutions for powering the infrastructure for the next chapter of the internet – a secure & distributed one.
Dr. Sead Muftic
Founder & CEO
Dr. Muftic is an entrepreneur and an internationally-recognized expert in the area of IT security, with experience spanning 40 years. He has been full professor at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and also visiting professor at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Dr. Muftic is registered as an International Expert for security of blockchain technologies and virtual currencies by the European Commission and as the visiting scientist by the CSIR Institute in South Africa.

As a leading expert in the fields of computer security and blockchain, Sead has done significant work with the World Bank and the European Commission on charting the vision & the future of secure digital and virtual currencies. Dr. Muftic currently serves as a project coordinator for blockchain and smart contracts at BAFT international trade organization.

Dr. Muftic is the author of five U.S. patents, more than 50 research papers, expert reports, and three books. He has a successful history of turning his research breakthroughs into successful businesses. Of note are his relevant research and patents in the area of Blockchain, Identity Management, and Secure Financial transactions.

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