BIX Ledger Security Overview

The Most Secure Distributed Ledger, Bar None

Security features form the core of the BIX Ledger architecture. Our founder, Dr. Sead Muftic, is an internationally recognized expert in network security. Dr. Muftic’s development team laid the groundwork of BIX Ledger in order to address the security vulnerabilities blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

BIX Ledger was designed from the ground-up with the security features in mind, first and foremost. Here are some of the defining security features of the platform.

BIX Identities and BIX Certificates

BIX Identities and Certificates form the core of the BIX Ledger infrastructure. The BIX Identities are used by parties to verify that intended and correct counter parties are participating in the transaction. The identities are encoded and cryptographically encapsulated using government-certified strong encryption algorithms.

The ledger performs an accurate and reliable validation of identities of the parties engaged in a transaction without assistance of trusted third parties.

Support for Permissioned or Unpermissioned Ledgers

BIX Ledger supports both permissioned or unpermissioned modes, depending on the use-case and the application. In a permissioned BIX Ledger, the platform’s BIX Security Policy Providers entities validate the bindings of digital identities to real-world identities. This is governed by the given security policy for your application.
In an unpermissioned ledger mode, BIX Ledger Community Members mutually validate their identities.

Theft-proof Private Keys

Existing blockchain platforms are vulnerable to theft of a private key. Simply put, if someone steals your private key, they can impersonate you and execute transactions on your behalf (in all likelihood, malicious transactions).
BIX Ledger’s Public Key Infrastructure is designed in such way that private keys that correspond to public keys stored in certificates are never stored or exposed anywhere in the system. This eliminates the risk of theft of private keys and impersonating users.

The Strongest Cryptography & Network Security

Our core developers team consists of world renown researchers and experts in the fields of computer and network security, and cryptography. Many decades of research experience and practical systems development have culminated in architecting the security details of the BIX Ledger, making it the most secure and reliable distributed ledger currently operating today, bar none.